Mount Bird, Ross Island, Antarctica

Location: 77.2S, 166.5E
Elevation: 5,900 feet (1,800 m)

Volcanoes of the Erebus Volcanic Province.

Mount Bird is a basaltic shield volcano that forms the north part of Ross Island. The thick stack of basalt lava flows that makes the shield is exposed in the coastal cliffs. Poorly exposed basalt scoria cones and domes and flows of phonolite are on the flanks of the volcano. Mount Bird was active between 3.8 and 4.6 million years ago. Photograph by Warren Hamilton, U.S. Geological Survey, November, 1963.

Source of Information:

Wright, A.C., and Kyle, P.R., 1990, A.15. Mount Bird, in LeMasurier, W.E., and Thomson, J.W., eds., Volcanoes of the Antarctica Plate and Southern Oceans, American Geophysical Union, Antarctica Research Series, v. 48, p. 97-98.

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