Mt. Kenya, Kenya

Location: 0.15S, 37.15E
Elevation: 17,058 ft (5200 m)

Mt. Kenya is a dome-shaped central volcano. It is the largest mountain in Kenya. Ten glaciers cover the volcanos peaks. The original crater on Mt. Kenya was over 20,000 ft (6100 m) high but has been heavily eroded. Most of this erosion occurred during two periods when glaciers carved much of the top of the volcano. These periods wore down the ring-like plug forming the top of Mt. Kenya. In fact, almost 35% of the volcano has been worn away.

Several types of volcanic rocks make up the mountain. The most common rocks are basalts. The Mount Kenya Suite consists of all the rocks erupted from Mt. Kenya and volcanoes that were built by it. It covers 2700 square miles in a 65 mile (105 km) diameter circle around the volcano.

Volcanic activity at Mt. Kenya was concentrated in Pleistocene times. Much of this activity took place through the many vents on the slopes of the volcano.

Sources of Information:

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