Likaiu (Andrew), Kenya

Likaiu (Andrew), Kenya

Location: 2.17N, 36.36E

Elevation: 3,000 ft (915 m)

Likaiu, also known as Andrew's cone, is a scoria cone complex. It is part of the Barrier Volcanic Complex to the south of Lake Turkana in northern Kenya.

Andrew's cone reaches a height of 213 ft. (65 m) and the complex streches lengthwise in a east-west direction.Three main craters are situated along the center of the cone complex made up of the cones Kalolenyang, Kakorinya and Likaiu West & East. The largest crater of the three measures nearly 80 ft. (24.4 m) in depth and has a width of also 80 ft (24.4 m).

Large blocks of basalt lay scattered around the middle explosion crater. Its crater rim is made of yellow scoria and there are some fumaroles present. The outside of Andrew's cone is covered with ash and scoria spattered with bombs. Basalt lavas from Andrew's cone stretch south to Lake Logipi. These basalts are very young with very few erosion features and have no vegetation growing on them. A thin layer of lapilli and volcanic bombs stretches for a mile to the northwest. This layer of lapilli may have been ejected in the early 1900's. Some of the other volcanoes that are located in the local area are Ejuk which is to the east of Likaiu, Longipi which is to the north-east, and South Island which is directly north of Likaiu.

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