Karisimbi, Rwanda

Location: 1.52 S, 29.43 E
Elevation: 14,787 ft.(4,507 m)

Karisimbi is the highest of the eight major volcanoes of the Virunga field, a western branch of the East African rift valley.This stratovolcano is part of a group of volcanoes in the Bufumbira field which is an eastern region of Virunga. Karisimbi lavas have been dated from 0.24 Ma to 0.010 Ma. These samples indicate that this volcano is a very young.

Map of Virunga Volcanic Complex

Other Volcanoes in the Local Area:

  • Gahinga
  • Mikeno
  • Nyamuragira
  • Nyiragongo
  • Sabinyo
  • Visoke

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    Look at the Munende Area.

    Source of Information:
    De Mulder, M.; 1986 K-Ar geochronology of the Karisimbi volcano (Virunga, Rwanda-Zaire; J. Afr. Earth Sci.; p.575-79.

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