Dendi, Ethiopia

Location: 9.0N, 38.0E
Elevation: 10,692.8 ft (3260 m)

Dendi is a 5 mile (8 km) wide caldera in central Ethiopia, quite close to Wonchi caldera. Dendi's rim is made of poorly consolidated ash deposits. The broad flat floor contains two shallow crater lakes. The most remarkable thing in Dendi is a wonderful, brightly painted Coptic church. The peak of the Dendi volcano is Mt. Boti, and Lake Dendi lies 118 meters below this point.

Sources of information:

Smeds, Helmer, "A Note on Recent Volcanic Activity on the Ethiopian Plateau, as Witnessed by a Rise of the Level of Lake Wonchi 1400 +/- 140 B.P.," Acta Geogrphica, v. 18, n. 1, 32 pp., 1964.

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