Rapid Inflation at Uturuncu


Several news agencies around the world have picked up on the story that Uturuncu volcano is rapidly inflating.  Recent INSAR studies have shown that Uturuncu is inflating at a rate of 1 to 2 cm per year over a 70 km area, suggesting that magma is currently intruding into the system.   Volcanologists, petrologists, geophysicists, and geomorphologists from institutions around the world are studying Uturuncu to understand the history and current unrest of this beautiful volcano.

Just last year the VW Team was in the field at Uturuncu.  In a recent interview with OurAmazingPlanet, VW resident volcanologist Dr. Shan de Silva explained, "It's one of the fastest uplifting volcanic areas on Earth. What we're trying to do is understand why there is this rapid inflation, and from there we'll try to understand what it's going to lead to."

You can follow their work, see some more great images from the area, and learn more about Uturuncu on the Virtual Altiplano 2010 Tour.

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(photos courtesy of the VW 2010 Altiplano Team)