Stop 36: Lascar



  23°22'15.92"S,    67°44'35.00"W
Elevation: 5488m (18062 ft)

 Panorama of Lascar

Panorama from the Lascar Southern pyroclastic flow

Lascar is the most active volcano in the central Andes.  It is an andesitic to dacitic stratovolcano with six overlapping craters, trending roughly northeast, with the active, fuming crater located near the center.   The largest historical eruption of Lascar took place in 1993, producing pyroclastic flows to 8.5 km NW of the summit.  Grey pumice deposits from the 1993 eruption are visible in the photo above and below.

Pumice flows on the North side of Lascar


 Banded pumice




Light, dark, and banded pumice are mixed in this flow.




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