Stop 31: Valley of the Spires

Valley of the Spires

23° 3'20.22"S,    67°28'43.26"W
Elevation: 4455m (14618 ft)



Just past the hairpin turn where we first encountered the Filo del Gado, we turned off of the 27 to the dirt road heading East/Northeast into the Valley of the Spires.       

Casey looks at the spires

Here, the winds blow hard and consistently in the same direction.  Millions of years of erosion have worn away the Tara (?) Ignimbrite that once filled this valley leaving only these giant columns.  


Giant stone columns in the Valley of the Spires 

 From there we we headed north on the road to Salar de Tara. 

On the way, we stopped at the famous WMF outcrop.






 WMF Outcrop  





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