Stop 8: Salar de Carcote

 Salar de Carcote

  21°25'11"S,    68°23'3"W

Elevation: 3694m (13096 ft)

About 60 km North of San Pedro, we arrived at our destination, the Salar de Carcote.   The Carcote is a salt flat that covers over 100 square kilometers and all that remains of an ancient lake!

Salar de Carcote

Extensive background information on the Carcote is available here.

 Looking out across Carcote towards Aucanquilcha

Looking out across Carcote towards Aucanquilcha

We came there to examine an amazing layered fall deposit from either Aucanquilcha or Ollagüe.

Layered fall deposit

While there, we ran into the two most masochistic bikers on the planet!

Biking the Altiplano!