Scott Rowland

Scott K. Rowland (Co-I) received geological training at Oregon State University and the University of Hawaii (PhD), where he studied basaltic lava flows, in collaboration with George P.L. Walker. During this period, volunteer work at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, observing and measuring active flows. During his post-doctoral position, Scott has applied remote sensing tools to volcanological problems, including close work with the EOS Volcanology team, particularly in maintaining data bases, comparing newly-acquired data to these data bases, and making data useful to volcanologists around the world.

Also, field work has continued in Hawaii, the Galapagos Islands, Mexico, Guatemala, and the Mariana Islands. Scott has led numerous workshops, classes, and field trips for teachers, young planetary scientists, adult education crowds, and public school students. Editing and publishing the Hawaii Center for Volcanology newsletter has provided good experience in disseminating timely and well-presented volcanological information to both the general public and other volcanologists. Scott will also write volcanological content and support the updating of volcanic activity.

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