Hiking Ijen (A Travel Narrative)

Location: 8.1S, 114.2E
Elevation: 7,826 feet (2,386 m)

People were very nice and said "hello" as we passed by. A group of girls that spoke English asked me where I'm from, etc. They were full on energy and were happy to pose for a photo. One girl was eager to point out she was from India. It is great to see the cultural mix here even though they are all Indonesians. Anyway it took about two hours to climb the roughly 2,000 feet up to the crater.

The crater is another world. Light green water in the crater lake. Light colored rocks, hard to look at in the bright sun. Gas clouds pouring from vents near the side of the lake. And a blue sky with wisps of clouds. I loved it and immediately sat down to soak it in.

The youngest layer is a surge deposit plastered against and climbing out of the walls of the crater. Older lava flows and tephra layers were exposed in the crater walls.

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