Hiking Ijen (A Travel Narrative)

Location: 8.1S, 114.2E
Elevation: 7,826 feet (2,386 m)

In June of 1997 I was fortunate enough to be working in east Java. The following is a narrative of a day spent on Ijen volcano.
Photos and text by Steve Mattox.

Four of us went off to see active volcanoes in the north. Easy start in the morning made easier with having an ice cream bar for breakfast in addition to some star fruit and coffee. The drive was beautiful as always. This is really a beautiful country. Lots of green. Almost endless rice fields, plus corn or tobacco or coconut. Always people to watch. And if things get boring traffic is always amazing.

Raung (right) is named for the sound that tigers make. The summit is a long ridge and very jagged. Fresh gray-brown rock surrounded by forest. We never got very close but it formed a nice reference in the distance.

We got to the west flank of Ijen. Argopuro (above), an extinct and eroded volcano was to the west. Ijen is a stratovolcano and the drive up the slope was pretty easy. People would point the way.

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