Hadley Rille (from Surface)

This is a photo of Hadley Rille from the lunar surface. Astronaut James Irwin is standing in the foreground by the lunar rover. At this point, the rille is nearly a mile wide (1.6 km). Note the many boulders on the Valley floor. These rocks have apparently rolled off of the Valley wall over time. Thus, any lava flows inside the rille are now buried by an unknown amount of rocks and soils. The rille appears to have cut down through a couple of older lava flows, however. These flows are probably the only actual bedrock seen by astronauts on the Moon. They form small cliff faces near the top of the rille wall in the distance. Due to the loose soil and steep slopes above these cliffs, however, no samples were taken of these units. (Apollo Photograph AS15-84-11450)

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