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Volcanological Technology Research Center 
Kedulan Temple 
Kinarejo new home 
Gardu Pandang 
Kaliurang Observation Post 
Boyong Sabo Dam 
Sudimoro Relocation

Stop #2
Kedulan Temple

Kedulan temple is about 12 miles (20 km) south of Merapi's summit and 4 miles (7 km) northeast of Yogyakarta. The temple was built during the Mataram Hindu Kingdom in the 9th century. The temple was discovered in 1994 and is being excavated.

The temple is buried under at least seven lahar deposits. Fluvial deposits alternate with the lahars. No primary or pyroclastic deposits are present. The youngest lahar was deposited in the 16th century. In this photo, the basal unit is fluvial and overlain by two lahar deposits.

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