Virtual Volcano Fieldtrips

Join the VW team along with volcanologists and adventurers from around the world
as they explore and photograph the worlds volcanic centers.

Climb into Ape Cave Lava Tube!

(Requires Flash Plug-in)

Click on a picture for a close up or
to learn more, choose from one of the options below:

Fly inside the Mount Saint Helens Crater!

Click the picture to proceed.

Drive Kilauea's Crater Rim Drive with Volcanologist Steve Mattox!!

Climb the world's northernmost volcano!!

Climb Mt. Asama!!

Explore the Canary Islands!!

Hike up Mount Ijen with Steve Mattox!!

The team at Stromboli Online has assembled an amazing array of expeditions to the great volcanoes of the world.
Please chose your destination on the map and follow their climbs through their super cool photography.

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