Answer Key

Lesson 2 "Pangea to the Present"

Discussion Questions

  1. In your own words explain what the Continental Drift Theory states.
    The Earth's plates are moved very slowly, 1-4 inches per year, by convection currents emenating from the mantle. These plates have been moving for millions of years and continue to move today.

  2. How did Alfred Wegener try to prove that the continents of Africa and South America were once connected.
    Alfred Wegener discovered that the magnetic bands in rocks from South America did not point ot the north pole as they should. If these rocks were moved to the position that Wegener though they were created then they did point ot the northpole. He also matched rocks from Africa and South America for mineral content and age.

  3. How did the ancient people of Japan explain earthquakes?
    The Japanese explained that earthquakes were produced by a giant catfish called Namazu. This catfish lived under the Earth's surface and shook very violently when it was not kept under control by the god Kashima.

  4. How did the ancient Romans explain the presence volcanoes.
    Vulcan, the god of weapons, used the volcanoes off the coast of the Roman Empire as his forge.

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