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Other Sources of Information:

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute is an institute designed create an environment where scientists and engineers could work together to develop new cutting-edge tools for marine research including submarine volcanism.

OSU's /Deepsea Dawn/ Wright has completed oceanographic fieldwork (oftentimes with GIS) in some of the most geologically-active regions on the planet, including the East Pacific Rise, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the Juan de Fuca Ridge, the Tonga Trench, volcanoes under the Japan Sea and the Indian Ocean, and, most recently, American Samoa.
Click here to see pictures, obtain GIS resources, and learn more about Deepsea Dawn!.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Submarine Volcanoes, Ridges, and Vents can be found at the USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory (CVO) Submarine Volcano Directory page.

The Vents Program is part of NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory and has excellent photos and movies of ocean floor volcanic features, summaries of their current research, and descriptions of recent submarine eruptions.

The Ridge Multibeam Synthesis Project has several types of data available on their homepage included excellent maps of ridge segments.

The homepage of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute is excellent and includes a gallery of animation and video.

The Ocean Science section of the Smithsonian's Ocean Planet exhibition contains excellent descriptions of recent discoveries about volcanoes and life.

Excellent maps of the general features of the ocean floor are available on the National Geographic Society Online Atlas Explorer.

NASA scientists have created a two-minute animated tour under the Pacific Ocean, based on real data about the sea floor's peaks and valleys. Submerge near Hawaii, run like a submarine to Japan, and finally dive to the ocean's deepest point, between Japan and New Guinea.

Photos of chimneys and life at submarine volcanoes and Deep Sea Movies are available on the Global Observation Information Network ( GOIN ) Project homepage.

New World Seamount is being studied by CSIRO, the Australian federal research organization. An image of the seamount, made from bathymetry data, is available on the CSIRO Exploration & Mining (Magmatic-Hydrothermal Cu-Au Group) homepage.

The 1996 eruption at Loihi seamount is described by the Hawaii Center for Volcanology.

Loihi: Hawaii's Newest Volcano is a short U.S. Geological Survey description of this submarine volcano.

Magmatism at ocean ridges by Rosamund J. Kinzler in the U.S. National Report to International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics 1991-1994 is an excellent summary for geologists and volcanologists.

To see a classic bit of oceanic crust that has been thrusted up on a continent (an ophiolite ) visit the Oman Virtual Fieldtrip.