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Base Metals: Lead, Zinc, and Copper
Bet you didn't know (some surprising facts)
Quiz on Volcanic Mineral Deposits
Some Published Sources
Additional Sources of Information

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Additional Sources of Information

If you need a summary of the nature of any element visit the Webelements.

If the mineral names are confusing visit Minerals by Name to learn more about each mineral.

United States Geological Survey Mineral Resources describes mineral resources in different regions.

United States Geological Survey Mineral Resources Program includes Commodity Statistics and Information on the worldwide supply, demand, and flow of minerals and materials.

Natural Resources Canada has numerous interesting pages including Minerals and Metals at Home!

The Minerals Council site provides current general information and educational material about the Australian minerals industry.

The Smithsonian Gem & Mineral Collection has numerous photos of very large diamonds.

The Gold Institute has information about gold.

The Nickel Institute provides information on the uses and properties of nickel.

The Copper Page provides information on the uses and properties of copper.

Timothy J. Barrett and Ore Systems Consulting describe several VMS deposits in British Columbia.