Socompa TM Image Information

Socompa TM

May 1985 Thematic Mapper image of Socompa (24º24'S, 68º16'W). TM Scene ID=50378-14014, Scene 23377, bands 7,4,2. Scale Bar = 10km.

TM image of Volcan Socompa . The dominant feature is the largest débris avalanche deposit in the Central Andes (DF). Large coherent slide blocks can be seen at the mouth of the breached amphitheatre (A). The western boundary of the deposit is a well developed flow levée (FL), while the distal avalanche margin (AM) has relatively little relief (see Francis & Wells, 1988). The amphitheatre is partly filled in by the "healing" flows (HF). The light material on the northeastern and eastern flanks of Socompa is a small pre-collapse plinian fall deposit, which overlies well preserved Holocene lavas. A large monogenetic lava field the Negros de Aras (NA) and the Pular-Pajonales volcano (P) are also shown.

(de Silva and Francis)