San Pedro Images

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san pedro topo

Topographic map of San Pedro and the surrounding region.

san pedro land view

20.2 Photograph and interpretive sketch view of Volcan San Pedro from the NW indicating the principal structural elements. A - Débris fan derived from San Pablo volcano; B - summit of the Old Cone capped by flat-lying andesite lavas exposed in the scarp of the collapse amphitheater; C and D - andesite and dacite flows of the Young Cone overlying lavas and volcaniclastics of the Old Cone; E - western crater of Young Cone; F - collapse scars in lavas on oversteepened flanks of Young Cone; G- apron of hot avalanche deposits originating from collapse of Young Cone lava flow fronts; H - eastern and younger inner crater of Young Cone with fumarole (From O' Callaghan and Francis, 1986).