Sabancaya Images

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saban contour

Topographic map of Volcan Sabancaya and the surrounding region. The summit elevation of Sabancaya rises to 5967 m.


Southward aerial view, with the summit of Sabancaya visible in the foreground. Nevado Ampato looms just to the south. (24-Jun-88).


Northwest view of the Sabancaya volcanic region. Nevado Ampato is visible on the left, just below the plane's wing, while Sabancaya can be seen just to the right. (24-Jun-88).


Northwest aerial view, looking over the active crater of Sabancaya. A small steam plume is visible in the active vent. (24-Jun-88).

Sabancaya geologic map

Map of Sabancaya from Gerbe & Thouret (2004).