Pastos Grandes TM Image Information

Pastos Grandes TM May 1985 Thematic Mapper image of Pastos Grandes (21º40'S, 67º51'W). TM Scene ID=50522-14001, Scene 23375, bands 7,4,2.

Figure S5 - TM image of the Pastos Grandes caldera complex, SW Bolivia. Cerro Pastos Grandes (CPG) is the resurgent center of the caldera, and lagunas Pastos Grandes (LPG), Khara (K), and Cachi (C) are remnants of a lake which may have filled most of the moat of the caldera. Caldera scarps (CS) related to various stages in the development are shown. Cerro Juvina (CJ) is a smaller ignimbrite center outside the main caldera complex. Cerro Chascon is the holocene dome to the west of Laguna Khara. Holocene volcanoes close to the complex are Aucanquilcha (A; VCA no. 17), Ollague (O; VCA no. 18), Azufre (Az; VCA no. 19) and San Pedro (SP; VCA no. 20). CI is the Cordon de Inacaliri.

(de Silva and Francis)