Parinacota Images

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parinacota topo Topographic map of Parinacota and the surrounding region.
parinacota summit view 10.2 Detail of summit crater of Parinacota (~300m in diameter). The bedded nature of the rims suggests pyroclastic material, and vague outer rim suggests a "somma" feature. North to top. (May, 1955; Portion of aerial photograph 10492/58 from the Geografico Militar de Chile).
parinacota land view 10.3 View of Volcan Parinacota from the south with one of the youngest "Ajata" flows in the foreground (Courtesy of Gerhard Wörner, 1988).
Parinacota Photograph of Parinacota and Laguna Chungara in 2003 (Gerd Breitenbach).