Ollague TM Image Information

Ollague TM

May 1985 Thematic Mapper image of Ollague (21º18'S, 68º11'W). TM Scene ID=50522-14001, Scene 23375, bands 7,4,2. Scale Bar = 10km.

TM image of Volcan Ollague. The débris avalanche deposit (DA) from the western flank of Ollague displays characteristic hummocky topography and has separated the Salar de San Martin (SM) from the Salar de Ollague to the north. The avalanche detachment scarp (ADS) is conspicuous but may have been emphasized by erosion. Most of the flank lava flows are overlain by moraines (M), but postglacial activity is indicated by three silicic lavas (i.e. LD), and a youthful summit crater (SC) which has a vigorous fumarole on its southern side. The immediate basement to Ollague is the 5.6 Ma Carcote ignimbrite (CI).

(de Silva and Francis)