Olca & Paruma Images

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olca topo Topographic map of Olca & Paruma and the surrounding region.
olca air view 16.2 Oblique aerial view looking east over the summit of Volcan Olca. Cerro Paruma is the large mountain at top of photograph. The young dark stubby lava erupted from the ridge to the west of the small cone of volcan Paruma can be seen just below Cerro Paruma. (1962: Portion of Oblique aerial photograph 55R26 of the Geografico Militar de Chile)
olca summit view 16.3 View from the summit of Olca eastwards. Light toned deposits in middle distance are fumarolically altered pyroclastic deposits, locally worked for sulphur. The large mountain just visible in the background is Cerro Paruma (August,1989: courtesy of J.P. Davidson).