Cordon Puntas Negras & Chalviri TM Image Information

Puntas Negras & Chalviri TM

May 1985 Thematic Mapper image of Cordon Puntas Negras & Chalviri (23º37'S, 67º40'W to 23º41'S, 67º34'W). TM Scene ID=50129-14042, Scene 00173, bands 7,4,2. Scale Bar = 10km.

TM image of the Cordon Puntas Negras - Chalviri. Centers indicated Cerros Cenizas (CC), Aguas Calientes (A), Laguna Escondida (E), Chinchilla(C) and a small maar-like vent (M). Also indicated are Volcan Puntas Negras (VPN) and Cerro Tuyajto (CT). Predominantly low albedos of the fresh lavas defy image enhancement, and make photointerpretation difficult. Cerro Overo maar and Laguna Lejia can be seen in the top left hand corner of the image. The salar to the north is Aguas Calientes.

(de Silva and Francis)