Pampa Luxsar TM Image Information

Pampa Luxsar TM May 1985 Thematic Mapper image of Pampa Luxsar (20º51'S, 68º12'W). TM Scene ID=50522-14001, Scene 23374/45, bands 7,4,2.

M12 - TM image of Pampa Luxar. L, Cerro Luxar; U, Cerro Uquila; CN, Cerro Negro. Location of the sources for the lavas appear to be controlled by faults on the border of the Salar de Uyuni (just to the northeast of this area). Note the young faults (F) on the flanks of Cerro Luxar. Several generation of lava flows and associated cones make up this field and a variety of morphological types can be discerned.

(de Silva and Francis)