Llullaillaco Images

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llullaillaco topo Topographic map of Llullaillaco and the surrounding region.
llullaillaco land view Figure 34.2 Close up view of the northern flank of Llullaillaco with the young andesite lava flow and its well developed flow levées (courtesy of M. Gardeweg).
llullaillaco air view Figure 34.3 Portion of an aerial photograph showing the development of hot avalanche deposits from the toes of two flow lobes on the southern flank of Llullaillaco (Portion of aerial photograph No. 18-1031 from the Instituto Geografico Militar, Chile).
llullaillaco SPOT image Fig. 34.4 SPOT 10 m resolution panchromatic image of the distal end of southern lobe of Llullaillaco debris avalanche deposit. Image has been high-pass filtered for textural enhancement. Note linear ridges and grooves on upper surface of deposit. North is to top.