Lascar Images

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lascar topo Topographic map of Lascar and the surrounding region.
lascar land view Figure 27.2 View looking southwards to Lascar. The ignimbrite basement to Lascar is evident as the bedded deposits in the middle ground over which the young lava flows have been deposited. Note voluminous fumarolic plume.
aguas calientes air view Figure 27.3 View (north to top) into the active crater at Lascar showing the inflated lava dome (February 1989) and abundant fumarolic activity. (Courtesy of Stephen Foot, 1989).
Lascar 1993 Photograph an the eruption of Lascar in 1993. (Caspar Ammann, Climate & Global Dynamics, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research)
Lascar 2000 July 2000 eruption of Lascar. (by Brian S. Mason, National Radio Astromony Observatory)