Guallatiri TM Image Information

Guallatiri TM

May 1985 Thematic Mapper image of Guallatiri (18º25'S, 69º10'W). TM Scene ID=50129-14042, Scene 00173, bands 7,4,2. Scale Bar = 5km.

TM image showing the Nevados de Quimsachata. Much of the detail of Volcan Guallatiri is obscured by extensive snow and ice cover (light blue), but extensions of the young lava flows (L), the summit crater (SC) and the fumarole (F) can be seen clearly on the image. Cerro Ascotan (A) and Cerro Elena Capurata (E) are part of the older Quimsachata ridge, which is probably the same age as the ancestral Gaullatiri.

(de Silva and Francis)