Escalante & Sairecabur TM Image Information

escalante and Sairecabur image info

May 1985 Thematic Mapper image of Escalante & Sairecabur (22º37'S, 67º23'W to 22º44'S, 67º53'W). TM Scene ID=50506-14004, Scene 23376, bands 7,4,2. Scale Bar = 10km.

Figure 22.1 TM image of the Escalante (E) to Sairecabur (S) complex. The two major centers 1 and 2 are in Bolivia but are part of the same system, as are Volcan Putana (P) and Cerro Curiquinca (CC). Several young post-glacial lavas (i.e. L) are conspicuous. L1 is the most extensive lava in this complex and CW is the caldera wall of the ancestral Sairecabur.

(de Silva and Francis)