Cerro Purico TM Image Information

Cerro Purico TM May 1985 Thematic Mapper image of Cerro Purico (23º00'S, 67º04'W). TM Scene ID=50506-14004, Scene 23376, bands 7,4,2.

Figure S9 - Near vertical shuttle image of the Cerro Purico ignimbrite shield complex (P) in N. Chile. D is dome "D". Holocene activity associated with this center are is from Cerro Chascon (C) and Aspero (A). Major Holocene centers on the image are also shown; L- Licancabur (VCA no. 23); G - Guayaques (VCA no. 24); Co - Colachi (VCA no. 25); Ac -Acamarachi (VCA no. 25); AC - Aguas Calientes (VCA no. 26); L - Lascar (VCA no. 27). T is the village of Toconao. (STS 61C-32-90).

(de Silva and Francis)