Cerro Bonete TM Image Information

Cerro Bonete TM May 1985 Thematic Mapper image of Cerro Bonete (27º53'S, 68º50'W). TM Scene ID=50378-14023, Scene 23379, bands 7,4,2.

Figure S12. TM image of the Cerro Bonete caldera. The light coloured material surrounding the caldera is ignimbrite which has been eroded into several flat topped "mesas". Blue tones are due to snow and ice. Several lakes are found on the vicinity of the caldera and they appear black on this image. The lake in the center of the caldera has a notably higher temperature (~13 ºC based on thermal infra-red emitted radiation in TM Band 6) than the other lakes (~5 - 6 ºC).

(de Silva and Francis)