2010 Student Projects


The spring 2010 Volcanology class has created a wealth of new and interesting Volcano World content!    Topics covered this year ranged widely and everyone this year did a great job compiling their information directly into webpages thanks to our new Drupal system @ OSU.   (Thx4all CWS!)

Click a link below to access one of the new lessons:

Hydrovolcanism (D. Burns)

Japan's Volcanoes (T. Miyazaki)

Lava Domes (C. Tienrey)

Modelling Caldera Collapse (R. Iriartea)

Monitoring Volcanic Gases (S. Grocke)

Obsidian (K. Weldon)

Volcanic Lightning (L. Weirup)

Volcanic Parks (W. Kelly)

Volcano Sounds (J. Haxel)

Volcanogenic Tsunamis (J. Keeley)

Virtual Altiplano

Virtual Altiplano!

The Volcano World Team and Colleagues spent November of 2009 in the Altiplano desert doing a variety of research on the many lava flows, domes, and ignimbrites throughout the area.   Follow their epic three week adventure through the links below.

 Start the Tour! 


View the photo gallery! 


 Explore the Volcanoes of the Central Andes 

Cascade Volcano Observatory OPEN HOUSE!!

Everyone is cordially invited to attend a free public open house at the USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory in Vancouver Washington, on Saturday May 8, 2010.