Erupting Volcano Spotted!

After a brief eruption period in 2010, the dormant volcano, Mount Sinabung of Sumatra, Indonesia has been erupting continuously since September 2013 with most commonly ash plumes and periodic pyroclastic flows and lahars. The current restricted zone is a 7 km zone around the active summit with villages within 3 km of the volcano destroyed by lava. The August 2nd eruption of Mount Sinabung is thought to be the largest eruption since activity began in 2013.

Lucky for us, one of our own VolcanoWorld volcanologists, Dr. de Silva, was there to capture this eruption on video! Check out the full video below

Agung’s Eruption: The Wrath of Gods?



Bali, Indonesia. If you’ve heard of this place, it probably brings to mind a rich culture, friendly smiles, long stretches of beaches, amazing surfing spots. What may not be as popular are the volcanoes of Bali, and in particular, how myths and legends revolve around these beautiful, but dangerous, peaks.   (Top photograph by Michele Falzone)


Bagana - Lava Flows Galore!

Most of the eruptions we hear about are eruptions that have impacted large communities, and the active volcanoes that tend to be the most monitored are those that pose immin