A New Year, A Continuing Eruption


Mount Sinabung, a volcano located on the island of Sumatra, in Indonesia, is still erupting.


sinabung map


As one of the 129 active volcanoes in Indonesia, its current eruption started in September 2013 and has since erupted over several times a day. The initial eruptions of ash and lava have escalated into pyroclastic flows that have stretched kilometers out from the flanks of the volcano. 
sinabung pyroclastic flow
sinabung lava


The eruptions have displaced more than 22,000 people and have estimated to have cost almost US$60 million of damage in the surrounding crop lands as of the beginning of 2014. The current evacuation zone has been set by the government at a radius of 5 to 7 km from the volcano. 





As part of monitoring the eruption the Center for Volcanology and Geologic Hazard Mitigation has set up a webcam pointed at Mount Sinabung. Check out the live feed here: Sinabung WebCam