Mount St. Helens by Helicopter!


VW resident volcanologist Dr. Shan de Silva recently travelled to MSH,
taking some exclusive close-up photographs inside and around the crater!

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Shan de Silva at MSH Crater

Shan de Silva geared up!

View south into MSH crater.


View south into the crater. Fuming new dome with old dome at its base. Flanking flows are the glacier.



Eastern arm of the glacier with on edge whalebacks or "fins" of the new dome in background
and flank of the old dome on the right. View is southwards.


Contact between western arm of the glacier, the old dome in the foreground,
the new dome (with its spike) in the background. View southwards.



Detail of the old dome, now largely a disaggregated mass but with plenty of steam emanating. View southwards.


Fracturing on the western arm of the glacier. View southwards.


The new dome and the western arm of the glacier. View southwards.


Structure (crevassing) of the glacier at its contact with the new dome. View southwards.



The new dome from the north. The spike is an edge of a whale back (see next two pictures)



View to the northeast with Mt Rainier in the background showing the a profile of the latest whaleback.


Succession of whalebacks on the new dome summit area.
The largest is about 80m in height. View to the southwest.



View to the south of the new dome and whaleback in profile.