Learning Team

First Meeting:
In your Learning Team's first meeting, decide which components of the eruption each of you will become "expert" in:

Team Member / Area of Expertise

1. __________________________________ The precursory period
2. __________________________________ Pyroclastic Flow
3. __________________________________ Rock debris avalanche
4. __________________________________ Lateral blast
5. __________________________________ Lahars
6. __________________________________ Vertical column

As the assigned "experts," you and your teammates will now take turns leading a discussion, in which you will find out what your teammates already know or believe about your assigned topic, and what they want to know. List these things in "Expert Notes," Sections 1 and 2. As you do your research and share findings with your Expert Group, try to find answers to your Learning Teammates' questions.


** Independent Research and Expert-Group Meeting(s) **

Second Meeting:
Taking turns, each member will teach the rest of the team about his/her area of expertise. Teammates should keep notes, including any helpful metaphors or other memory aids, illustrations and diagrams, key words and phrases. Allow time for each expert to answer questions from the group and discuss areas where more information is needed.

Third Meeting:
After the whole class enacts the eruption in a dramatic simulation, a final Learning Team meeting will be held. The purpose this time is:

  1. to have experts answer any remaining questions
  2. to make sure that every member of the team is ready for a test on the material
  3. to wish each other "Good Luck!"