It was 30 years ago today....




It was 30 years ago when Mount St. Helens erupted causing the worst volcanic disaster in the recorded history the United States. This cataclysmic eruption is easily among the most significant geologic events in the United States during the 20th century.  Right:  Image by Austin Post, USGS - May 18, 1980.

In honor of the occasion, here are some interesting MSH related features found around the web.

The Cascades Volcano Observatory has posted a host of terrific material including:

A host of images and activites are also available on the 30th Anniversry page from CVO HERE.


Visit the Mount St. Helens National Monument Homepage from the US Forest Service!



National Geographic also has several excellent features on disturbance and recovery of the plants and animals around Mount St. Helens here!


Dan Taylor and the team at Studio 360 have put several amazing panorama's taken from the modern summit of Mt. St. Helens online. You can view a current 360 panorama and compare it with one taken in 2003. Amazing images, great work!


Several great MSH pictures were also recently sent to us by our good friend and VW alum Prabhu Ram.

Click here to see his photographs!


During August 06, VW resident volcanologist Dr. Shan de Silva travelled to MSH taking some exclusive high-res close-up photographs inside and around the crater!

Click here to see his photographs!


VW also has a series of lesson plans about the MSH eruption called the Living Laboratory Curriculum.   Check them out here!