Virtual Altiplano


In November of 2009, the Volcano World team and colleagues travelled to the high desert region of Chile, known as the Altiplano, to research and sample the volcanoes, domes, ignimbrites, and ancient lava flows that are abundant across the area.   

Map of Western Chile

After getting supplies in the port town of Antofagasta and the mining hub of Calama, our team climbed onto the Altiplano Plateau and worked our way along one of the most dramatic and beautiful volcanic arcs in the world. 

The tour is split into four sections and a photo gallery.  

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Dr. Shan de Silva



Leading the expedition was Oregon State University Professor Dr. Shan de Silva, co-author of Volcanoes of the Central Andes.






Dr. Axel K. Schmitt





Providing insight and  unparalleled technical support was UCLA Adjunct Associate Professor, Dr. Axel K. Schmitt







Research Students on the Expedition Included: 

Dale Burns, Casey Tierney, Stephanie Grocke, and Robert Peckyno 

Dale Burns, Casey Tierney, Stephanie Grocke, and Robert Peckyno