Increased activity at Nevados de Chillán and Planchón-Peteroa

Source: Sernageomin

The Chilean Servicio Nacional de Geología y Minería (abbreviated as SERNAGEOMIN) has elevated the risk level on the Nevados de Chillán volcano complex to orange.     (To view a detailed map of the Nevados de Chillán complex, click here.)     Sernageomin’s most recent volcanic activity report for Nevados de Chillán, issued on February 11, 2019, cited persistent seismic activity, which is directly related to increased frequency of explosions, along with the growth and/or destruction of the lava dome that lies in the crater. The expected eruption is most likely to have moderate to low explosive power, but sporadic observations over the last year have shown higher than average energy levels.

Info from SERNAGEOMIN, Glaeirhub, and Volcanologist Jaime S. Sincioco