Glossary beginning with V

Volcano Term Definitions

Ventsearch for term

The opening at the earth's surface through which volcanic materials issue forth.

Vesiclesearch for term

A small air pocket or cavity formed in volcanic rock during solidification

Viscositysearch for term

A measure of resistance to flow in a liquid (water has low viscosity while honey has a higher viscosity.)

Volcanic Arcsearch for term

A generally curved linear belt of volcanoes above a subduction zone, and the volcanic and plutonic rocks formed there.

Volcanic Complexsearch for term

A persistent volcanic vent area that has built a complex combination of volcanic landforms.

Volcanic Necksearch for term

A massive pillar of rock more resistant to erosion than the lavas and pyroclastic rocks of a volcanic cone.

Volcanosearch for term

A vent in the surface of the Earth through which magma and associated gases and ash erupt; also, the form or structure (usually conical) that is produced by the ejected material.

Vulcansearch for term

Roman god of fire and the forge after whom volcanoes are named.

Vulcaniansearch for term

A type of eruption consisting of the explosive ejection of incandescent fragments of new viscous lava, usually on the form of blocks.