Field Guide Stops 1-10


Travelling in the Altiplano required the team to get used to the elevation.   Over the course of the trip, we climbed from sea level to over 5100 m (17,000 feet)!   For reference, the peak of the highest mountain in the entire lower 48 states (Mount Whitney, California) is only 4,421 m (14,505 ft). 

A guide to the dangers of working at high altitude can be found here.

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Elevation Profile of Northern Chile

Here is a map showing the change in elevation from Calama to Linzor (Click map for a high resolution version)

We have split the trip into four sections - primarily to keep the navigation organized - and some pages will represent multiple waypoint stops at the same general location (aka La Poruna, San Pedro, etc.).   This first section covers from the City of Antofagasta to the Divasaco Ignimbrite seen on the road to Chao.

Satellite Image of Stops 1 through 10