'Expert' Notes

To become an "Expert:"

  • Find out what your Learning Teammates already know and what they want to know about your topic
  • Read, thoroughly, all available material on your topic
  • Participate actively in Expert Group meetings
  • Keep careful notes on this handout from your reading and your meetings with your Expert Group, including as much detail as possible, in your own words. Refer to the Expert Grouphandout for help with this form.


Think about the following:

  1. Members of my group already know or believe the following about (your topic):
  2. Members of my group are curious or want to know the following about (your topic):
  3. Things I've learned from my research and reading (show your sources:)
  4. Questions I need to ask other members of my Expert Group:
  5. New things I've learned in my Expert Group (notes from discussions:)
  6. Things I want my Learning Team to learn from me:
  7. How I plan to teach them:
    • Metaphors:
    • Visuals (diagram, picture, model:)
    • Descriptive Adjectives, Adverbs and Verbs:
    • Learning Activities:
  8. My Complete Teaching Plan: