Expert Group

  1. What are the most important things to know about your area of expertise? Take turns adding one item at a time to a list. Share what you have learned about each item. If you have nothing new to add, let a groupmate take your turn. Keep careful notes in your "Expert Notes" handout section 5, about new things you learn from your groupmates. In Section 6, list everything about your topic that you want your Learning Team to learn.


  2. Check Section 2 in your "Expert Notes." Have all your Learning Team's questions been answered? If not, see if your Expert Groupmates can help. 


  3. How will you teach these things? Discuss with your groupmates each of the methods below. Choose the ones you want to use when you teach your Learning Team. Record them in "Expert Notes," Section 7.


      A. Metaphors: Take turns describing your assigned topic in terms of familiar images. (For example, a mountain before an eruption might be likened to a vanilla ice cream cone. After the eruption, it might be compared to the cone after the ice cream has fallen out on the ground!) Choose the metaphor you like best, record it in "Expert Notes" Section 7A, and use it to help your Learning Teammates understand your topic.

      B. Visual Aids: Draw a diagram or illustration, or choose an object, that will help you show the idea you want to teach. Take turns suggesting ideas or sharing drawings. Select the visual aid you want to use when teaching your Learning Team, and record it in "Expert Notes" section 7B.

      C. Descriptive Words and Phrases: In your Expert Group, brainstorm colorful adjectives, adverbs and action verbs that will help you describe your topic to your Learning Team. Select some you like and record in "Expert Notes" section 7C.

      D. Learning Activities: Try to think of ways your Learning Team can participate actively while you teach them. Share ideas for games, work-sheets, puzzles, quizzes, simulations, etc., that you might use with your Learning Team. Record the best ideas in "Expert Notes" section 7D.


    6. Outline in "Expert Notes" Section 8, your complete, step-by-step plan for teaching your Learning Team about your area of expertise.