Lesson at a glance: Students will learn where eruptions occur on a volcano, the characteristics of water-related eruptions, and the different kinds of eruptions worldwide. Different kinds of eruptions will be compared with Hawaiian eruptions.

Key Concepts: Volcanoes can erupt from vents on their summits or flanks. Eruptions interact with water in submarine environments, as new islands form, beneath glaciers, and in crater lakes. Volcanic eruptions can be classified by the character of the eruption and include the following types: basaltic flood, Hawaiian, Strombolian, Vulcanian, Peleean, Plinian, rhyolitic flood, ultravulcanian, gas, and fumarolic.

Lesson Outcomes: The students will:

1. recognize summit and flank eruptions
2. learn the types of water-related eruptions
3. describe different types of volcanic eruptions.

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