Compound Volcano

Volcano Sounds

Volcanoes make many different types of sounds!!

Loud explosions, bubbles bursting, rumbling, hissing, and roaring like a jet engine describe some of the sounds heard from volcanoes around the world. Stories of sounds from historical eruptions tell of loud  booms and explosions from volcanoes heard thousands of kilometers away.

One way to classify the types of sound recorded at both seafloor and land volcanoes is by when they occur. Prior to an eruption while the volcano is building up pressure, earthquakes and tremor from resonating dikes and conduits are common sounds captured by acoustic recording devices. The second group of sounds occurs during the active eruption, consisting mainly of explosions, bubble bursts and gas jets escaping from volcanic vents. 



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Aleutian Islands


The 200 cu km Atka volcano is the largest volcanic center in the central Aleutians. A central shield volcano and caldera is ringed by 7 or 8 satellitic volcanoes.

This view, from near Atka village, shows 1533-m-high Korovin volcano, the highest and northernmost of three Holocene stratovolcanoes of the Atka volcanic complex.

Korovin has been the most active during historical time, but Sarichef and Kliuchef volcanoes may also have had historical eruptions.

Photo by James Dickson, 1986 (courtesy of John Reeder, Alaska Div. Geology Geophysical Surveys).