Argentina field trip

Our journey continued by the beautiful city of Salta, Argentina, where we met Professors Jose E. Viramonte, Marcelo Chino Arnosio, Raul Tato Beccio (from the Univesidad Nacional de Salta) and Shan de Silva (OSU) to take an International Course of Volcanology in the Centrals Andes from the Nov 24th to 30th










































Pict 1-4. Plaza 9 de Julio, Catedral Basilica de Salta and Jamie  



Cafayate Sunchales Gulley





















 Pict 5 and 6.-  Cafayate Sunchales Gulley.-  Strombolian, scoria, spatter, base surges interbedded with fluvial deposits. Deposits related to the Salta Rift on North of Argentina



Las Curtimbres complex

Pict. 8.- Las Curtimbres Fm. Ring tuff with radial dikes, base surges, phreatomagmatic activity. Interpreted as one of the roots of volcanism seen toward the North

 Pict 9.- Radial dikes cutting surge deposits


Pict 10.  Julie and the Mexican crew! Behind the fluvial sequences of Las Curtimbres Fm.

Chimpa vulcano

Pict 15.- 12.05 Ma Chimpa volcano shield  made of an explosive and an efusive events high K, Plg and hb show reaction borders, mixinf AFC, basaltic magma injection

 Picts. 16.- 3m long breccias of a dome (85%) matrix supported, with longer axis aligniated parallel to surface. Eruption related to faulting (COP)


Picts 17.-  At the end of the day the godd deserved Salta beer!!SALUD!!




La Puna

Pict. 11- Golgota reverse faulting asociated with the N-S trend “COLT” thrusting. Cretaceous units overlay older Pumpovuscan basement

12. Perlite mine (wet glass).- Produced as interactions of a magmatic dome with the water table 

 Pict 13 Corte Blanco. Showing unconformity between Paleogene Santa Barbara Fm. And 13 to 6.7 Ma surge deposits

Picts 14.-  Distal base surge deposits, topographical control, balistic impact

Tuzgle volcano

Tuzzgle volcano.- 500 to 50 kyr old made of an explosive and efusive phase. Obsidian flow is shown as the darker unit

Adios amigos!!